Rapid Rooter for Sewer Line Replacement in San Antonio


Frequent backups may require sewer replacement

Suspecting or discovering a broken sewer line can be cause for concern and in your place of residence, we know just how stressful it can be. At Rapid Rooter Plumbing, our expert plumbing technicians are trained and experienced to take care of the necessary repairs. When you contact us, we will thoroughly inspect the situation in order to diagnose and determine the most appropriate option. Once we have spotted the issue, we would be happy to explain what we have found and why we have chosen the solution. Whatever the issue may be, from old and deteriorating pipes to shifting pipes due to unstable native soil, we can help. We aim to provide you with peace of mind that the repair is in competent hands.

Frequent backups may require sewer replacement
“I would like to take this time to Thank Adrian and All Rapid Rooter crew members for a job well done! I cannot forget all excavating members who all worked so very hard and consistently. When you had a big job ahead of you, you always set my mind at ease every step of the way.. Every single person were professional. Adrian, Big THANKS to you, for ALWAYS taking my phone calls with questions or concerns and for always being so, so nice and understanding. I will always be so thankful I came across Rapid Rooter Plumbing, for what was stressful situation for me, turned out to have a very satisfied customer in the end. I HIGHLY recommend Rapid Rooter Plumbing to my family, friends and to anyone out there looking, you can look no more…!!!”   -Mary Samano
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