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If your monthly water bill suddenly spikes, chances are that you have a water leak. Sometimes leaks are difficult to detect, but Rapid Rooter specializes in fixing residential water leaks and we’re here to help.As a homeowner, you are responsible for finding and fixing any leaks that are on your side of the water meter. Call Rapid Rooter for an appointment so that we can do a visual inspection. We’ll check faucets and commodes inside and replace any faulty parts. Outside, we’ll look for damp areas around extra green patches of grass in your yard and do spot repair on any PVC line that is leaking.Water leaks are wasteful and costly. Please contact Rapid Rooter as soon as you suspect that your water line or plumbing fixtures might have a leak inside or out.We also repair leaks in irrigation system pipes, as long as the leak is visible.

“Thank you so much for your excellent services and quick response to my water leak yesterday. Knowing that we had company and that SAWS would be turning off our water on Wednesday for construction, getting the leak in my water line fixed as soon as possible was critical. In less than two hours, you rearranged your appointments and sent your team to service the line. It took them less than 90 minutes to locate and fix the problem and to clean up the repair area. When I got the bill, it was less than we had expected. Rest assured, when I have plumbing needs in the future, Rapid Rooter will be my first call.”    -Larry Cardinal
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Rapid Rooter Plumbing