Drain cleaning


Rapid Rooter is your specialist for drain cleaning in San Antonio

Slow-draining sinks are suffering from clogged lines that need to be cleaned out. Pouring liquid drain cleaner or muriatic acid into the sink is not recommended, as chemicals can solidify the clog, weaken pipes and cause corrosion.Instead, call Rapid Rooter. Nothing is more effective than running cable through the line to remove the clog. Usually we can push the cable through the drain inside the house, but sometimes we have to go up on the roof to run the cable down the vent.

Providing under slab plumbing leak detection and repair

You can prevent clogs by carefully monitoring what you put down the drain.

KITCHEN: Pouring grease down the drain or into your garbage disposal can create a major hazard. Grease builds up inside the drain walls over time, blocking the ability of water to flow through. In addition to grease, the following food items should never be placed in your garbage disposal: Rice, eggshells, beans, asparagus, salad greens.

BATH: Make sure you run water through the sink after using the following:

  • Toothpaste—can stick to sides of the drain   
  • Shaving Cream—creates sludge that causes odor

SHOWER/TUB: Place a screen over your drain to collect hair, which is the main cause of a slow draining shower or tub.

LAUNDRY: Lint is most often the cause of clogs in the laundry room drain.

A/C CONDENSATION LINE: A clogged air conditioner drain line can result in water overflowing and damaging your home. When sludge build up blocks the line, call Rapid Rooter, your San Antonio plumber.

SEWER LINE: Tree roots are the most common cause of clogs in a sewer line. Click here to read about sewer line replacement

Drain cleaning
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