Go with a pro for your San Antonio plumbing repairs

Rapid Rooter owner Adrian Villegas is a Master Plumber who began his career in 1995 and has the knowledge and experience to solve your residential and commercial plumbing problems.
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Your San Antonio plumber for sewer leak isolation

Rapid Rooter Plumbing Services provides sewer leak detection and isolation to locate leaks under a building’s slab. Foundation repair companies frequently call on Rapid Rooter to perform sewer leak isolation.
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Rapid Rooter for Drain Cleaning in San Antonio

San Antonio Plumber | Plumbing Leak Repair | Slow Drain Repair | Drain Cleaning San Antonio

Sinks that are slow to drain may need to be treated by a professional. Before you attempt to unclog your sink with harsh chemicals, call Rapid Rooter for fast and effective drain cleaning. Find out more about how to keep your drain lines clear >>>

Experienced Sewer Line Replacement Professionals

San Antonio Plumber | Plumbing Leak Repair | Sewer Line Replacement San Antonio  | Drain Cleaning San Antonio

If sewer line backup is an ongoing problem, call Rapid Rooter for an inspection. We’ll find out why the backups are happening and come up with a solution. Should sewer line replacement be necessary, our crew knows just what to do. Learn more about sewer line replacement >>>

High Water Bills? You May Need Plumbing Leak Repair

San Antonio Plumber | Plumbing Leak Repair | Rapid Rooter Texas | Drain Cleaning San Antonio

Often, an unusually high water bill is the first indication a homeowner has that a water leak may be present in the house or yard. Click here and let us troubleshoot for you and put an end to water waste >>>